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Food while studying abroad in Argentina

Eating out

Llama and Rice from Salta, Argentina! Mmm tastes like llama.

Llama and Rice from Salta, Argentina! Mmm tastes like llama.

Empanadas. The go to snack before class.

Empanadas. The ‘go to’ snack before class.

A cornucopia of asado from the restaurant La Cholita

A cornucopia of asado from the restaurant La Cholita.

Crepe scott!

Crepe scott!

Kit Kats and Oreos from the cafe Pani.

Kit Kats and Oreos from the cafe Pani. Just a mere million calories! WORTH IT

Home Cookin’



Dinner with salad to start.

Dinner with salad to start.

Chicken Milanesa

Chicken Milanesa

Squash Soup

Squash Soup

This dessert is the closest I have ever been to God. Caramelized bananas and walnuts.

This dessert is the closest I have ever been to God. Caramelized bananas and walnuts.

Treat yo self!


One of the three trips the Holy Cross students take is to Las Cataratas del Iguazú. Las Cataratas are one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, so rather than doing them injustice by inadequately describing them, I’ll just say that it was an incredibly humbling sight. As an English major I’d like to fantasize about a way to poetically describe the mesmerizing experience but that will have to be for another post..besides there is really no substitute for the true experience.

Luckily for us, our very own Charles Suse ’17 managed to capture the divine quality of these falls. Enjoy Iguasuse:

Iguasuse picture of Brian Toner'17

Brian Toner’17

Iguazu_Suse5 Iguazu_Suse4 Iguazu_Suse3 Iguazu_Suse2

Christian Ruiz '17 and Bryan Rodriguez '17

Christian Ruiz ’17 and Bryan Rodriguez ’17

Click the pictures for a link to Charlies instagram!

Hasta luego


There are some days that make you stop and wonder if destiny is more probable than chance. Why do things play out in front of you the way they do?

On my way from walking back to the apartment from class I saw a motochorro (thieves on a motorcycle) tag team steal this older man’s phone about 20 feet in front of me. I had headphones on at the time so, despite the music, it all played out like a silent movie. The man chased the thief into the street full of cars, they’re both on foot. The man’s yarmulke flew off his head as he stumbled from stepping off the curb. Luckily the cars on the road are stopped because it’s a red light. The man tripped and fell on all fours, getting some road burn on his palms and knees I imagine. The thief hopped on the back of his partners bike who was waiting in the traffic then the motochorros weaved between the stopped cars and sped away.

I thought it was really weird that the thief who took the phone was wearing a bright pink and orange button down shirt. The scene entero was unexpected but also very much warned of. A bystander helped pick the yarmulke up off the sidewalk. The man who had his phone stolen seemed stirred by the speed of it all but not so surprised as he was disappointed. I think everyone on the street, including the man, was having the same thought, “I’ll know better than to absentmindedly use my phone like that”. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and clutched my phone as I passed by.


Closer to the apartment I almost collided with a man who was darting out of supermarket. As he called, “Señora”, I noticed he was holding two phones; one a touchscreen phone and the other was a brick. As I looked back I saw him chase after an elderly woman to return the old phone that she left in the store, “Señora, dejó tu teléfono”. She looked back and laughed with surprise and embarrassment that she absentmindedly left it behind. I continue on my way and take my sweaty hands out of my pockets to wipe them off on my shorts.

Hello Loyal Readers (who have surely been checking my blog daily since that one lonely post in September),

Well, for those who read the last post, the ‘To Be Continued’ is that we made it out of Purgatory Chasm alive. Anyways, now I am officially out of the purgatory that is the semester before studying abroad I have some stories to tell of my experiences so far in Argentina.

This first post will be just a preview of what is to come:

Las Cataratas Del Iguazu (as my Host-Mama Maritina would say) son divinas. And they are!


I hope this picture makes me cool

The Food (The asado is worth the trip itself)

This delicious dish is from el restaurante La Cholita

This delicious dish is from el restaurante La Cholita

Living in the City 

The view from my window

The view from my window

And more to come!



Greetings Cyberspace Traveler,

This past Saturday I went on an adventure of the most epic proportions! My daring companions where none other than two of my roommates, Derek and Jack. Our mission was to conquer purgatory chasm. Some might say our fellowship is comparable to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They would be right. It was Derek who played the invaluable role of Sacajawea as he was more familiar with the land from having traveled here before with his mother. Jack, anthropology major, and I, English major, were content to observe and absorb as much of the experience as we could. So, after a hefty lunch at Kimball dining hall we set out on our trek.

As we entered the rocky chasm our esteemed guide, Derek, made sure to point out how much the path looked like Assassin’s Creed. It seemed that the park’s rocks must have been situated in such a way to replicate the video game. Or was it the other way around? The vibrant green and yellow colors of nature were something I had previously thought only existed through the fluorescent computer screen or television. Who knew what the world had to offer beyond the confines of a dorm room?

It's almost like it's real life!

The color! It’s almost like it’s real life!

As we delved into the frontier of new undiscovered land we were surprised to find people already there. continued we ran into many of the land’s peoples. They were equipped with the traditional visor or bucket hat head dress and their skin was painted white with ceremonial sun screen. They were all very hospitable. One portly man even offered to hold my hand as I lowered myself from a treacherous three foot step but my pride forced me to decline the offer (even at the risk of offense). Another encounter with the inhabitants was at Fat Man’s Demise. The rock is aptly named for the narrow crevice travelers can shimmy through to verify that they are indeed not fat. Naturally, we had to stop to test our courage and girth. We entered the crack fearlessly but after my one innocent mention of the movie 127 Hours we quickly found ourselves desperate to shuffle our way out as quickly as possible. While escaping the brown crack we heard an unexpected voice from above, “Greetings travelers, May I propose a challenge if you are daring enough?!”

“And what may that be, Good Sir?” Derek responded in their native tongue.

“Climb up and out rather than through. Why, I did so earlier today. It was quite rewarding. Yes, quite.” The man sat on the upper ledge of the crevice and dangled his scraped knees in the light gleaming through. Much to his and only his surprise we all declined his overzealous challenge.


Yea yea I know…snap chat right?

As we finally emerged from the other side we could finally see the source of the voice. The man wore a finely hand crafted tank top made by precisely ripping the sleeves off a t-shirt. No doubt he wanted to display the impressive patches of hair on his triceps that were more plentiful there than on the top of his head but not yet as thick as his goatee. We climbed up and around to the top of the crevice just in time to see the man lower himself back down by wedging his torso between the walls. We never saw him again; hopefully he is not lost deep within the Fat Man’s brown crack.




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